EGGS World
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This is what we have achieved so far and are aiming to achieve in the future to catapult EGGS World to the top of the CNFT space.
Series 1 Era
  • Launch Discord.
  • Launch Twitter.
  • Release Series 1 - Chicks.
  • Release Christmas Series - Christmas Chicks.
  • Begin Event Series raffles, competitions and giveaways.
  • Release Volume 1 of our story as an NFT.
  • Release Volume 1 of our story as a physical book.
Series 2 Era
  • Release Series 2 - Guild Chicks.
  • Release more volumes of our story.
  • A big marketing push to bring in more community members and drive activity higher.
  • Hire additional team members and mods as we expand.
  • Begin development of a Discord RPG utilising your NFTs.
  • Create official merchandise
  • A playable trading card game, both physical and digital.
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