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EGGS World Story

It's D&D with more feathers.
At the heart of a great kingdom lies Golden Egg Village. In spite of its small size, it's the place where the greatest treasure of all is stored. The Gold Egg Vault, holding thousands upon thousands of rare gold eggs. These eggs are both valuable and powerful and sought by both regular chicks and malevolent forces who seek power. If you hold any gold, you must keep them safe or you will lose them.
In this village, lives a young chick named Cuthbert. He dreams of adventure in spite of his humble origins and his chance happens upon him one day when a chick from the Fox Clan steals a small collection of gold eggs from a local shop. Cuthbert summons the knights and together they give chase, leading to Cuthbert's biggest opportunity. The chance to join one of the three guilds tasked with protecting the gold eggs of the village: the knights, the mages, and the rogues.
Our story is our flagship product that ties directly to your NFTs. Each volume of our the series consists of over a dozen chapters containing important choices and decisions that were voted upon by the community. That's what makes the story that much more interwoven with the Cardano side of the project. If you hold a chick, you can vote.
Each volume of the story will be sold as both an NFT and a physical book, so you can choose the medium you prefer. Do you want it as a PDF on the blockchain where you can open up your wallet and read it? Fantastic, you even get a discount if you hold chicks. Do you want to put it proudly on your shelf as a memento of the story that you helped build? That's a great idea too!
As our library expands, Cuthbert's adventures will only grow and the stakes will only get higher. How will you help him overcome his challenges...will he overcome the challenges?