EGGS World
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EGGS World was founded by Enkian, originally solely as a small art project, but it very quickly developed into something more. An interactive story where holders guide along a young chick called Cuthbert on an adventure to keep his kingdom safe and protect the fabled gold eggs.
Series 1
Our first series is a collection of 101 chicks made up of various colours of feathers, expressions and beak sizes. Just for fun, there were 6 unique 1/1 NFTs available to be minted. These chicks originally served simply as profile pictures, but now they're the backbone of our polling system where one chick equals one vote to determine an action in the story.
Christmas Series
The Christmas Series was what helped begin the push into story territory and consists of 43 chicks. Series 1 holders were given a discount when it came to minting these and our first poll for EGGS World began around the same time. If you hold one of this special series, you also get a vote in the story. It was a way to expand our maximum number of voters while also having a fun little collection for the community.
Event Series
The Event Series is a way to reward the EGGS World community for their interaction and loyalty. It's an entire series of 1/1s that consists of storyline characters, unique seasonals that don't have their own collection plus collaborations. Holders can vote in our story with these too and a few of them even come with additional benefits. For example, the four Adania-inspired chicks have stats that will allow them to be used in that project too.
Series 2
Series 2 us our upcoming series inspired by the four main factions in the current arc of the EGGS World story. This will be a considerably larger collection standing at 1,000 NFTs and will be used to really push EGGS World into the big leagues of the Cardano NFT space. There are more traits, more legendaries and a lot more exciting things on the way that will be funded by sales from Series 2.