EGGS World
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EGGS World is a small project that is (currently) run by Enkian as the only member of the team. It's a part-time job for him and he has yet to make any profits from it as everything is reinvested back into the project and used to give EGGS World a small buffer zone in the treasury. The nature of the project at the minute, where we focus solely on the story, means that the budget requirements are quite low.
The current main costs are as follows:
  • Usage of the premium features of the HAZEL Discord bot for running storyline polls.
  • Commissioning covers for each volume of the story.
  • Web hosting and maintaining the domain.
So far, that's it!
That's all it is costing to run EGGS World, and while that means our first few series can be cheap and limited supply, it also hampers the long-term growth of the project. Which is part of the reason why Series 2 will be bigger. What we would like to be able to fund from the proceeds of Series 2 is as follows and not in a specific order:
  • Additional team members.
  • More covers for EGGS World books.
  • Marketing to expand our community.
  • A Discord RPG where you can use your chicks.
  • A playable trading card game, both physical and digital.
  • Merchandise for our community.
Some of the goals above are higher priority and others are lower priority, but most of these can be done with a fairly small budget or scaled appropriately depending on funds. This is also dependent on market conditions as everything is currently dealt with exclusively in ADA.