EGGS World
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Policy IDs

Here is our collection of policies that you can use to verify that you own a legitimate EGGS World NFT. As always, be sure to double check when buying on a secondary market. If you believe this list is out of date based on more recent releases, please ping me on Discord or Twitter and I will ensure that it is updated ASAP.
Series 1: 720f9c95131ddc324734aafe0963b5c2d23eeb5a2abb2acd499fde1a
Christmas Series: 05d78d336c38a8e1dc2323f8fd866d97148d2287b1ffe45e52dfbd77
Event Series: 47314caa1c5e79717c0420e0a8b5c2fff66677c15a44c473e1f39fe2
EGGS World, Volume 1: f03b359a9b0e187a8a53c9b517ba0f9e0a7ddea3711407b7093c0bea